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To go out on a limb, being a UNCC engineering major you probably haven’t experienced the touch of the opposite sex or participated successfully in “Netflix and chill”-ing. Instead of having your partner rethinking his/her choice of meeting you off Tinder, we’ve prepared the perfect guide for turning Netflix and chill into Netflix and ~chill~.


10.) Create a decent environment:
Spray some Febreeze, kill a few roaches, and shove all your laundry under the bed. Can you smell the trash? Yourself? No? Excellent. Then, cleverly place one condom on your desk, making sure it’s in arm’s reach (and within eyesight of your roommate; proof or it didn’t happen). Finally, Check your laptop, Netflix login info, and history beforehand — more importantly, don’t forget to close this tab.


9.) Prepare for social interaction:
Wipe your sweaty hands on your cargo shorts and get ready. Take a stroll in Hawthorne, wave at your friends around EPIC, and (if you’re feeling particularly brave) practice making eye contact with the female species. They won’t think you’re weird so long as you keep it short and don’t like your lips.


8.) Ask your roommate(s) to leave:
Remember that roommate who lives less than a meter from you? If you’re in the high rises (shout out to Scott and Moore for living that pre-renovation life), have the decency to ask your roommate to leave ahead of time. Otherwise, good luck having your roomie walk in or pop up from under their blanket burrito.


7.) Pre-Chill Activity (optional):
Now that you’ll have the whole 2ft-by-2ft bachelor pad to yourself, consider your chilling partner. There might’ve been a time long before us when chivalry was alive, but “talking” to each other and being a “decent person” now are kind of abstract notions. Once you’ve landed your target, consider getting food beforehand! This might not be your game plan if you’re looking for strictly a hook-up with no interaction, but it also might make your Netflix session less awkward, especially if you spoil her on Crown or Sovi beforehand.


7.) “You don’t have a TV?”:
Now, you’re back at your place. Did you just HAPPEN to forget you don’t own an HDMI cable, and that you now have to watch the show on your Macbook? And that there’s no other seating in your tiny dorm room besides that half-lofted bed you’ll both struggle uncomfortably onto? Whoops!


You’re halfway there — another living, breathing human being is in your bed. Don’t freak out. You are #killingit.


6.) Browse through titles:
After ten minutes of you both being passive aggressive about having literally no preference of what to watch, we suggest that you plan ahead and choose a show ahead of time. Opinions are sexy. Chances are, s/he will be like, “You swiped me for dinner, so YOU choose the title.” A+ decision.


5.) Choose the show!:
Don’t choose a romance to show your partner how much better they could do, and definitely don’t choose something you want to watch. The ball is in your field! Choose something you’ll both find either shitty or uninteresting. For this we suggest:


Frasier: Even if you’re not the most fascinating fellow, roughly five mundane minutes of Frasier will have you comparatively become The Most Interesting Man in the World. What better way to get laid than to lower the precedent for entertainment?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Friendship is magic! And so will be the sex you’ll be having thanks to this show. Nothing says pure masculinity and testosterone like showing your soft side. *Best for older guys hitting on freshmen girls. Panties drop for Bronies.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey: An engineering favorite, get the girls going by asserting your intelligence more than you have already this evening, after insulting her humanities major and talking about that exam in “1201, man.”


4.) Watch the show:
Give it 20 minutes. Perhaps glance occasionally, but don’t touch. And don’t get all boned up, ya weirdo.


3.) Get closer:
You feel that cold draft coming from your mountain of unfinished homework and responsibility?  Did you shiver? Well done, you have an excuse to cuddle under the covers.


2.) “I thought we were just watching Netflix?”:
Don’t panic! This is natural. Be a decent human being by being open to body language and tone — and definitely don’t reply, “But you know what Netflix and chill means.” Be honest: let her know you’re having a good time and are really interested in her; and when in doubt of something to say because, let’s face it, if you’re an engineer she’s probably not that pretty, you can always compliment her eyes. Tell her they sparkle. Girls love sparkles.


1.) How it all ends:
The more time you spend with those mysterious females, the more comfortable you will be with them. Interacting and talking to women will become as easy as Calc 3. Soon, you may even be comfortable taking off that fedora, shaving your dope neck beard, and getting an actual hair cut.


Since she goes to UNCC, she will most certainly respond with something akin to, “I have a boyfriend.” But does your inevitable failure mean that you should have never tried in the first place or give up hope now? Of course not!


You’ve been with a girl for 20 minutes (not tutoring or doing homework for her), so chill or no ~chill~, you’re already a legend in Hawthorne! Congratulations!


Math 1120 -Business Calculus, Sections 2 and 4

Fall 2017

Instructor: Dr. Harold Reiter, hbreiter@uncc.edu

Lectures: Section 4 meets at 12:30 MWF, Fretwell 128; section 2 meets at 3:30 MW in Fretwell 124. You are welcome to attend either (or both) of these class meetings.
Tutoring, room 315 Fretwell, most afternoons. You should read the Information for this course first. You're going to be assigned 12 sets of problems, a new problem set roughly each week, and your work on these sets will constitute about 16 to 20 percent of your grade for the course. These sets are meant to be a preview of the class tests. The problems on the test are different but roughly of the same level of difficulty.  There will be no graded homework from the text book. You need to have a calculus book for this course so that you can get a second look at the ideas. Any calculus book will do, but I especially recommend the 7th, 8th and 9th editions of any of the Tan books. The other sections of the course use the 9th and 10th editions of the book, which is pretty steeply priced. You can order the 7th or 8th edition online for less than $20.  One of the best online books is Herb Gross' Calculus in Everyday Life. It is available at no cost. The Saylor Calculus book is also free, Click Saylor, Calculus 1. Here's a precalculus test to help you decide if you're ready for this course. Here are the solutions. 

Office Hours: See Home Page

Information (policies, grading system, etc.) READ THIS FIRST

Login to Canvas here.

Web page for the TEXT, Tan's Calculus for Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences, 7th Edition The 8th and 9th editions are also available. Any of these editions work for this course.

WebWork for this course, available here after August 30.

Webwork Due Dates

The following form no longer works here at UNCC. I plan to request this information via email.

List of assignments for the 7th edition. List of assignments for the 8th edition. 
List of assignments for the 9th edition. The assignments are not going to be turned in.  These lists will be updated in August 2016. Until then please use your best judgement on what problems to do. 

The listing below includes essay I wrote during the fall of 2013 in an effort to enable my textless students to follow along. The experiment failed, but the essay might  be helpful to you anyway.
Making Sense of Zero over Zero
Using Sign Charts in Calculus
Economic Terms
Exponential Models

Test Index for Math 1120

Dear Student letter you might have received.

Summaries of lectures  This summary was compiled during a course offered several years ago.
Some of the material discussed may not be relevant. 

Index of quizzes (no quizzes after 2006)

Access to grades for sections 2 and 4, updated following each test.

A study guide for the final exam..

The Departmental Math 1120 Syllabus

 Handouts and Other Items of Interest

Here are some great places to learn calculus:

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