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Family is a social group of people in the society having one, two or more than two parents and their children. Each family member commit to each other to their mutual relationship.

Essay on My Family

Family is the most important need of everyone in this world to be secure and go ahead. There are many essential roles of family in the life. Students may get assigned to write essay on My Family topic in their school during exam or any competition. We have provided here variety of My Family essay under different words limit according to the student’s need of various classes.

My Family Essay 1 (100 words)

Family is a group of two, three or more persons living together in one home. Family can be small nuclear, big nuclear or joint family types according to the number of members in the family. Family relationships can be because of the variety of connections like blood, marriage, adoption, etc among members of the family. A new comer baby requires positive family relationships for his/her overall development and well-being in the society. Healthy family relationships help in promoting good habits, cultures and traditions in the children. A family plays great role in preparing the new generation child for whole life in the community. A healthy family is the need of everyone especially child and old people.

My Family Essay 2 (150 words)

A person without family is not complete in this world because family is an integral part of all of us. Human beings are considered as the social animals living in group called as family. Family plays many important roles throughout the life. A family can be small family, small nuclear, big nuclear or joint family. There are many relationships in the family such as grandparents, parents, wife, husband, brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt, etc. A positive family provides lots of benefits to its all members where everyone shares equal responsibilities within the family. Every member of the family emotionally attaches to each other in their happiness and sadness. They help each other in their bad times which give the feeling of security. A family provides love, warmth and security to its all members throughout the life which makes it a complete family. A good and healthy family makes a good society and ultimately a good society involves in making a good country.

My Family Essay 3 (200 words)

My Family is a small nuclear family which belongs to a middle class family. My family contains four members, a father, a mother, me and a small sister. Like other Indian families, we are not a big family. We live in Ghaziabad, India however my grandparents live in countryside. Together with my grandparents, my family becomes a small joint family. My family is a complete, positive and happy family gives me and my sister lots of love, warmth and security. I feel so happy in my family as it care me and fulfill my all the needs. A happy family provides following benefits to its members:

  • Family makes a man grow and develop into a complete human being.
  • It provides security and a lovely environment which helps us to share our happiness and problems.
  • It makes a man social and intellectual.
  • Person living in family is happier than a person living alone.
  • It provides security from the outside conflicts.
  • A family provides happy, active, quick learner, smart and better new generations to the society and country.
  • A family makes a person emotionally and physically powerful, honest, and confident.

My Family Essay 4 (250 words)

My family is a big joint family however a happy family. My whole family live in Varanasi. My family includes various members like grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, uncle, aunt, cousins. My joint family contains three big nuclear family in which a common grandparents and three parents with their many children. There are many advantages and disadvantages of the joint family which I have mentioned below.

Here are some advantages of the joint family:

  • It provides a better pattern of living which highly contributes to the proper growth.
  • Joint family follows principles of equitable economy and teaches quality discipline to respect and share burden of other members.
  • Members of joint family have the understanding of mutual adjustment.
  • In a big joint family, children gets happy environment and same age group friends forever thus new generation of the family goes better in the study, sports and other activities without any hesitation.
  • Children developing in the joint family develop the feeling of camaraderie means become more sociable and free from any discrimination.
  • Members of the joint family become responsible and disciplined as well as everyone follow the orders of head of the family.

There are some disadvantages too of the joint family which are mentioned below:

  • Sometimes because of the lack of proper rules in the joint family, some members live as parasites and become habitual of feeding on other’s income. They start exploiting other good and innocent members of the family.
  • In some cases, high status and money earning members of the joint family generally insult low status or low money earning members.
  • Sometimes, members earning more money give higher and good study to their kids in the costly schools however never share the burden of study of kids of low income members so there may be feeling of discrimination among children of joint family.
  • There is a big chance of separation in the joint families because of imbalance of feelings of generosity, brotherly love, and feeling of oneness.

My Family Essay 5 (300 words)

A small family having one set of parents with two children is called as small nuclear family. A family having one set of parents with three or more children is called as big nuclear family. A family having many set of parents with their children is called as joint family. My family type is a big nuclear family having six members, mother, father, two brothers and two sisters. I live with my family and be very happy. People in the family become very caring and give proper guidance from time to time. My grandparents live in the village in their home where we go in our summer vacations and enjoy a lot. Both, my grandfather and grandmother care me and my brother, sisters a lot. They generally tell us nice stories in the night which we really enjoy. We enjoy every moment with them and catch the moments into my mobile.

My parents love and care to my grandparents very much and always take care of their needs. They give lots of needed things to them whenever we go to village. My parents talk to my grandparents with mobile almost every day. I am so lucky and feel very happy to have such lovely and careful members in my family. I really miss my grandparents when I get returned to my home.

My mom is very sweet and love and care us a lot. She always gives us tasty breakfast and lunch every day. She cares a lot to my father and he too. She tells us about all the Indian culture and traditions in order to pass to next generation. We happily celebrate every festival with my grandparents in the village and give nice gifts to each other. We live an advanced lifestyle in the city however really enjoys a countryside lifestyle in the village. Both, my mom and dad help us all in doing home work. We enjoy a nice get together in the evening at dinner table and spend some time with each other in the ground.

My Family Essay 6 (400 words)

My Family is the lovely family of the world and an important unit of the society. A small or a big family become of great importance to its members and considered as the strongest unit of the society because various families together make a nice society. A family becomes first school to the children where they receive all the cultures, traditions and most importantly the basic values of life. A family plays great roles in teaching good manners and habits to the new comers in the family. It helps in nourishing a better character person in the society. I am really feeling my good fortunate to be born in a small nice family where I learnt everything in the early childhood.

Actually, I belong to the middle class family having six members (mother, father, grandparents, me and my younger sister). Every one of us follows the orders of my grandfather because he is the head of the family. We really respect and enjoy his commanding position in the family. He is the great person because he had performed various adventurous activities in his time. He always thinks about our wellness and takes right decision for us. His decision becomes final in all the family matters. He sits on the front chair on the dining table. He takes our class in the early morning and evening to teach us Indian cultures and traditions. He is a very cool personality and friendly person of the family however everyone of us do not have dare to go against him. He is very effective person and wins everyone’s heart through nice talk. He is very old however helps us in doing our home works because he was teacher. He teaches us about the tools of success in the life such as discipline, punctuality, cleanliness, moral, hard work and continuity.

My grandmother is also a nice woman and tells us nice stories every night. My father is a principal of the school and like discipline very much. He is very punctual, sincere and hardworking in nature. He teaches us also that when you eat time, time will really eat you one day so never waste time and use it in positive ways. My mom is a sweet and very simple housewife. She cares every member of the family and makes a happy environment in the family every day. She gives special care to the grandparents and kids as well as always helps poor and needy people in the society. We have always been taught from our childhood to love and respect elders and help needy people on the way. My sweet small family is really full of love, care, peace, prosperity, and discipline.

The Importance of My Family

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Today I am going to write about how my family supports me and why this is so important for me. I chose this topic because for me is really important one child to have a good relationship with their parents and siblings. I think that the parents should be the closest people on this world because they give us life and raise us.
Their biggest influence is when they support me and no matter what they are always open to talk with me, to discuss things with me and believe in my dreams. The ways that they support me are: When they listen to me and trying to understand my view point, they are always open to discuss things with me and give me their opinion but never force me to do something, they believe in my dreams and do everything that is up to them to help me make it true.
One of the ways my parents support me is by listening to me and trying to understand my view point. When I was young I had a dream to become a really good volleyball player and playing for one of the best team in Bulgaria. If we go back in the time when I was 13 years old I had the opportunity to play for the best team in Bulgaria in our capital Sofia. It was a really hard decision to let me go for my parents because I am from small town and to go alone in the biggest city in Bulgaria so young didn`t sound good. My mother and my father wanted me to go to Vratsa which is my mother’s home town and grandmother and grandfather live there and my older brother went to school there. So it was easier for them to let me go there, but I didn`t want to.
I wanted to be different I wanted be one of the best players in Bulgaria. I wanted to be part of this big volleyball family. So I sat I told them how important is this opportunity for me and how that was everything I was dreamed about. They of course didn’t say “Yes” right after my speech. Then I was so mad that I had to wait for their answer but now every time when I think for this moment I understand them even better. It was not an easy decisions. However, 2 weeks later after different opinions of different couches, they let me to go and follow my dream.

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Of course I didn’t go there just to play volleyball for me my education is really important too. That was one of the reasons for them to let me go, because they knew that I am mature enough to do it without them. They knew that they raised me good enough and they believe in me.
But at the same time I know so many parents that are no like mine. They are the opposite. For example my aunt. When my cousin (her first daughter) was younger she made her to play water polo. And a couple years later my cousin started hate it and didn’t wanted to go to practice. My aunt also wanted from her to ski. And guess what now Katy doesn’t play water polo and doesn’t want to ski. Even though this didn’t work too well with her older daughter she is making the same mistake with her younger daughter. My aunt is really controlling person. She always tells people what to do and never listen to the others.
The second way my parents and my brother support me is by providing me with advice but leave me to make the decision. For example more than year ago I had to decide where I wanted to go to college. The decision was really hard. I knew that I want to study in America digital animation. But it wasn’t an easy decision because it was a new place for me. I had never been to America I didn’t know anything or anyone who could help me. At the same time, a lot of American Universities and Junior Colleges offered me volleyball scholarships but just one university had the major I wanted. The hard part was choosing between a university and junior college, because I had only been learning English for a year. Was my English good enough for the college level or not? And if I chose a junior college, which one would be perfect for me? I was really nervous and this made me treat other people badly.
One day my mom, dad and my brother wanted to discuss my options with me. I shared with them where the problem was and why I was so frustrated. They gave me their opinion for every choice that I had. That was the thing I needed, fresh air. I needed to see things from different viewpoints. They made things really clear, but they never told me which one to choose. They left me to choose on my own.
Of course I know that not all parents are like mine. All parents see the things differently. For example one of my cousins Katy’s best friend, Maria’s parents are dentists. She has an older brother and he is studying to become a dentist. One year ago Maria was a senior in high school and she had to prepare for college exams. She wanted to study architecture. But she never told her parents what her dream was because she was afraid of them. She was preparing herself for the exams for dentistry for almost 5 years. But she never liked it and when the time for the exams came she didn’t pass it. So know she is living with her parents and studying for the exams for next year and she is going to try again to be a dentist.
“Cooper says children, for the most part, often experience too many advantages of their omnipresent parents by the time they reach their teen years, so they're not particularly inclined to tell mom and dad to back off. ‘They're more inclined to welcome the help because they are also seeing it as a cheerleader on their team pushing forward toward victory and success,’ Cooper said.
But ‘it's almost like a soft disability in their lives,’ he added, meaning that children become super reliant on their parents and unable to stand on their own.”
My parents are the same with my brother. When he was senior in high school he had the opportunity to go to college in German or England. But he decided to stay in Bulgaria. My mom and dad wanted him to go and study abroad but it was his decision and left him to do what he think is best for him. But at the same time when my brother was probably 10 years old he was all over computer games and he didn’t want to go out and do sports. So my mom had to do something to stop this and force him to start volleyball. But know he loves volleyball and he still plays in Bulgaria. Want I want to say is that sometimes our parents have to leave us to do what we want and to follow our dreams, but when they see that we are in the wrong way they have to do something. Every parents have to be open with their kids and try to understand them first and after that to judge. The relationship between parents and kids I think that is really important. The people we are surrounded when we are young is the most important. The way how our parents raise us is the person we are going to become.
I think that parents have to guide their children, but to leave them to make their own decision. But of course first you have to know your kids really good and to know that there are mature and responsible. Probably that’s why my parents give me this freedom to decide alone. They trusted me and they treat me good enough so I can feel free to share with them everything that happens in my life and feel them not just like parents but like friends. At the same time if I am going to do something that is not right they stand and say it like parents. So I have the freedom but still they are there like parents.

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