Concept Analysis Nursing Essay Example

Concept analysis: caring in nursing

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For your Concept Analysis assignment, you need to find specific types of scholarly sources. These can include books or peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals. Remember, you can use a reference book such as an encyclopedia, thesaurus or dictionary, but you are limited to only one of each.

Please see the D2L page for your class for assignment instructions and the Walker and Avant book chapter. It is very important that you read both carefully.

Selection of appropriate search terms is very appropriate. We recommend connecting the term for your concept with any of these search terms using the Boolean operator AND. Also, truncate words using the * symbol to search for variant word endings. Here are some helpful search strategies to try:

  • compassion AND "concept analysis"
  • compassion AND philosoph*
  • compassion AND theor*
  • compassion AND defin*
  • compassion AND concept*
  • compassion AND (religious OR religion* OR theolog*)
  • compassion AND anthropolog*
  • compassion AND theor* AND psycholog*
  • etc.

It is often useful to use the advanced search screens in the article databases. Please also see the videos below for more search tips.

For a complete list of article databases available through the library, click on Search for Articles - Library Databases on the homepage of the library website ( or go to the A-Z Listing of Guides.

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