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At IMT Assignments are a very important aspect of the assessment system and a n excellent tool for continuous evaluation. The assignments are designed in such manner that they help the student in the following aspects:

  1. Student's understanding of the subject
  2. Ability to apply knowledge to action through scenario based questions
  3. Clarity on Core concepts
  4. The student is able to review his entire learning
  5. Assignments open up the thought process
  6. Students ability to comprehend

The Assignments are conducted at the end of semester for each subject. The assignments get activated in the student information system at the end of the subject in the announced timelines. Students have to mandatorily submit their assignments before commencement of the semester end exams.

Assignments carry 30% weightage towards the final results and eligibility for taking end term examination is 33% of the maximum marks. (For example a student has to score 10 out of 30 marks.)


The End-Term Examination (ETE) is held after every semester.

Components of ETE

The following components will comprise the ETE for each course:

  • Analytical and conceptual comprehension through multiple choice questions
  • Case or problem solving exercises

Conditions for ETE

Students should fulfill the following conditions:

  • They should be enrolled for the course.
  • They should complete submission of assignments, case studies of the respective paper.
  • They should have paid examination fees (applicable to reappear students).


The evaluation system of the programme is based on following components:


Students have to secure 35% marks in each ETE and overall pass percentage will be 40% for each subject.

Mark Sheets

Mark Sheets are dispatched to the students after declaration of the results including the assignment marks on annual basis after completion of 1st and 2nd Year.


Students will be assessed at the end of every semester with an assignment submission and examination. The examination will be held at IMT CDL Campus.

The students will also have the facility of improving their scores by reappearing in any subject with the applicable exam fee. With the end term exams the schedule for other subjects  will also be  announced where the student will be able to reappear for the subject he/she wishes to.

The weightage would be End Term Examination - 70% & Assignments - 30%

Marks Distribution and Passing Percentage

The students have to secure 35% marks in each subject for assignment and end semester examination however the total pass percentage would be 40% for each subject (assignment and end semester examiination combined together). Scholastic achievement is classified under three heads:

  • Ist Division: Students with an aggregate percentage of 60% marks or above
  • IInd Division: Students with an aggregate percentage of 50% marks and below 60% marks.
  • IIIrd Division: Students with an aggregate percentage of 40% marks and below 50% marks.

Students aggregating less than 40% marks are declared as 'failed' for Post-Graduate courses.


Applicable for admissions from January 2016 onwards.

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