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Civil War Newspaper Project
Civil War Documentary Project
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General Resources

Crash Course History Videos 

Civil War 

Civil War 2 

Civil War 3


Advantages and Disadvantages of the North and South



Park Handbook
Lowell National Historical Park and Tsongas Industrial History Center

Lowell Mills and the Civil War:

Quick Facts:



Confederate South

First Person Narratives of the American South
Documenting the American South
Library of Congress

Quick Facts:

Strentghs and Weaknesses




Civil War Traveler Audio Tours
[Audio Tours that recount battles while walking on the battlegrounds. Downloadable maps are also available]



Battle of Shiloh Animated 

Map of Battle of Shiloh

The Battle of Shiloh (Pittsburgh Landing) April 6-7, 1862

The Battle of Shiloh by U.S. Grant
The Century Magazine, Feb. 1885

Shiloh Battlefield
Shiloh National Military Park

Shiloh Battlefield Video

Shiloh Battle




Battle of Antietam Map

Fun Lego battle of Antietam

Map of Battle of Antietam

Animated Map of Antietam

Antietam National Battlefield

The Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) September 17, 1862
(The Bloodiest Day of the Civil War)

Antietam on the Web

Carnage at Antietam, 1862



Map of battle of Gettysburg

Animated Gettysburg Map

Gettysburg Video

The Battle of Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg

Gettysburg National Military Park

Camp Life: Civil War Collections from Gettysburg National Military Park

The Turning Point of the Civil War

The Battle of Gettysburg
July 1-3, 1863

The Extraordinary Story of the Battle of Gettysburg

Today in History
July 3, 1863



First Bull Run(Manassas)

First battle of Manassas animated Map

Map Bull Run Animated

Video Bull Run

The Battle of Bull Run (1st Manassas)

The Battle of First Manassas, July 21, 1861
Manassas National Battlefield

First Battle of Bull Run
Today in History, July 21

Battle of Bull Run
Confederate Victory
Battles of the Civil War



Second Bull Run

2nd Battle of Manassas Map Animated

Map Animated 2nd Battle of Manassas

Video Bull Run

Manassas, Second

The Battle of 2nd Manassas
(The Second Battle of Bull Run)

Second Battle of Manassas--Bull Run
Civil War
History Central

The Battle of the Second Manassas
Battlefield History
Manassas National Battlefield
National Park Service

Second Battle of Bull Run




The Battle of Fredericksburg

Animated Battle of Fredricksburg

Fredricksburg Video


Map of the Battle of Fredricksburg

The Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Fredericksburg

Map of the Battle of Fredericksburg

General Ambrose Burnside
Report, Headquarters Army of the Potomac, December 17, 1862

Video Overview

Video explaination of the Battle of Fredricksburg





Battle of Chattanooga - History Channel

Fighting Commenced in the Battle of Chattanooga, November 23, 1863

The Battles for Chattanooga: Electric Map and Museum

The Chattanooga Campaign

Battle Map of the Chattanooga Campaign

Map of Chattanooga




Animated Map of Battle of Chancellorsville

Another Animated Map

The Battle of Chancellorsville (May1-3, 1863)

The Battle of Chancellorsville 10 quick facts

Battle of Chancellorsville

Battle field of Chancellorville

The Battle: Chancellorsville [setting for the Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane]




Map of Battle of Vicksburg

Battle of Vicksburg Map

Video Battle of Vicksburg

The Battle of Vicksburg

Battle of Vicksburg

The Vicksburg Champaign from the Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant

The Fall of Vicksburg
The Daily Citizen, Vicksburg, July 2, 1863
American Treasures of the Library of Congress

The Fall of Vicksburg
Harper's Weekly, August 1, 1863
Sons of the South


War at Sea

Video of Battle at Sea

Monitor vs. Merrimack Video

Iron Clad Ships Video 

Hampton Roads Video

The First Naval Conflict Between the Ironclads
Civil War@Smithsonian

USS Monitor Center
The Mariners' Museum

CSS Virginia [not the Merrimac]

War at Sea
Civil War
Price of Freedom
Smithsonian National Museum of American History⊂=5

The H. L.Hunley
The Secret Weapon of the Confederacy
National Geographic
Map of Battle on the Sea

Union Blockade

The Blockade
American Civil War
Military History Encyclopedia on the Web

The Union Blockade
North Carolina Digital History

Business as Usual in Blockaded Galveston [scroll down to this section]
Under the Rebel Flag: Life in Texas during the Civil War

The Blockade of Confederate Ports, 1861-1865
Timeline in US Diplomatic History
United States Department of State




Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln video bio

Election of 1860

Abraham Lincoln short video

Lincoln History Channel Long Video

The Lincoln Institute

Lincoln - Bio channel

Interesting facts of Lincolns death

Lincoln Net
Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project
Northern Illinois University

Lincoln - History Channel

Civil War Culture

Weapons of the Civil War

8 wespons of the civil war

Small Weapons of the Civil War

Field Artiliery

Shermans March -History Channel

Sherman's Meridian Campaign: Practice Run for the March to the Sea
Mississippi Historical Society

North Carolinas Paper Currency

Civil War Money Facts 

How Much Were soilders paid?

How the Civil War United our Money

Inflation of the Confederate Dollar

Story of Confederate Currency

Financing the Confederacy

Inflation during the Civil War

Exorbitant Prices The Spectator Oct. 27, 1863 article 

Enlisting the 54th

Robert Gould Shaw 

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment Photographs, 1860-1880

**** A great movie that explains the 54th regiment is "Glory" with Denzel Washington and many others.**** 

Lasting Impact of Women in the civil war video

Women and the Civil War


Product Description

Civil War - Timeline Assignment (Handout, Teacher Key, Rubric, etc.) - This 7 page Civil War assignment requires students to complete a detailed timeline related to the major events of the Civil War. This Civil War resource includes a student handout that details the expectations and events to be displayed in the timeline assignment. The assignment requires the students to place the different events chronologically on a timeline (poster or PowerPoint, etc.) and to provide the historical significance of each event as related to the overall Civil War. The resource includes a two page timeline for students to plan and prepare their Civil War timelines. Also, the resource includes a detailed teachers key for each of the Civil War events included in the assignment, as well as a detailed explanation for use. Finally, the package includes a rubric for ease of assessment.

This timeline assignment includes 10 different and important events of the Civil War, such as: Battle of Fort Sumter, Gettysburg Address, Battle of Antietam, Emancipation Proclamation, Assassination of Abraham Lincoln and more!

This is a fantastic resource to cover the major events of the Civil War. This will make an excellent addition to your Civil War unit, and can also make a great review assessment for your Civil War unit!

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