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Compare and Contrast Judaism and Christianity Essay

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Compare and Contrast Judaism and Christianity Judaism and Christianity are key religions in the history of our world, and are still around today. Both of these religions are monotheistic, believing in only YHWH, the God of Abraham. However, if we look deeper, there are many more similarities and differences in these two religions. Some things that are comparable are their political figures, their holy works, and social beliefs. The first thing that was necessary to having a successful religion was figures to lead the way. For Jews, these began as “Judges”, or leaders that took charge during difficult times. These judges eventually became kings, and for 3 generations, King Saul, David, and Solomon were the top figures of Judaism. For…show more content…

The Holy Bible is a book comprised of many parts, chapters, and verses. There are 66 books in the bible; the first 39 books are called the Old Testament. Written in Hebrew, it focuses on the prophecies of the coming savior. The remaining 27 books, the New Testament, are centered on the life of Jesus and his teachings. A similarity in the TaNaKh and the Holy Bible is the presence of the Torah. The Torah, in addition to being the first part of the TaNaKh, is actually the first 5 books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). Because the Christians, unlike the Jews, had no official language, they wrote and spoke in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, or Latin. These holy books were important to these religions so their beliefs and traditions could be passed down to future generations. Finally, Jews and Christians interacted differently in their society. First, eating habits differed in both religions. Jews participate in kashrut, a diet that restricts eating any animal without cloven hooves or scales. Christians, however, don’t have any specific dietary laws to follow. Another difference is the significance of Passover, a 7-8 day Jewish holiday. During Passover, Jews celebrate the exodus out of Egypt by eating special meals, performing rituals, and praying. Christians have changed the Passover meal to a celebration of the Last Supper, or Jesus’ last meal before his crucifixion. Finally, a similarity in the Jewish and Christian society is the

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Judaism and Christianity

These two major religions in the world have a large number of similarities especially considering their historical backgrounds. The origin of the Christian faith is known to be at the hands of Jewish customs and traditions however, at its early beginning Christianity moved away from Judaism and became known and followed as a separate religion altogether. Christianity names Judea as its primary place of origin, whereas the Levant is the place of origin for Judaism .

The modes and place of worship for those who follow the Christian faith are churches, chapels, as well as the cathedrals and basilicas. It is also common for Christians to conduct home Bible studies as well as personal solitude as places where worship takes place. For Jews worship places include synagogues and the Western Wall of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Amongst the different practices that the two religions follow prayers, sacraments, Bible studies and communion are commonly seem amongst those who follow the Christian faith. This however, is not set to any specific frequency or designated days. However, it is different in Judaism as for Jews prayers are mandatory three times a day in regular times. There is a fourth prayer also added to the day for Shabbat and other holidays. These are mainly Shacarit which is offered in the morning time. The second is Mincha prayers which are offered in the afternoon and the last is Arvit which is offered in the night. The prayers of Musaf are offered in addition to these three on Shabbat and other holidays.

Amongst the holy days that are observed by both religions the essence of “peace” can be seen as a similarity. Christians celebrate Christmas, Easter, Good Friday and follow lent which is a 40 day period of fasting. In comparison Jews observe Rosh HaShanah, Simchat Torah and Sabbath which is one day a week where there is no work and only joy and peace. This is a similar day that is also set aside by those who follow the Christian faith.

When it comes to rites and obligations within the two, Christians have seven sacraments namely Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the sick, Holy Orders and Matrimony. Jews however celebrate a Bat Mitzvah for girls turning 13 years of age and require boys to read from the Torah in order to be considered as adults in society.

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