Animal Rights Essay Titles About Change

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  • The Horror that is Animal Testing
  • Are we teaching the right things, to the right people, in the right way?
  • Against Animal Testing
  • Factory Farming and Animal Cruelty
  • Use of Animals for Research
  • Animal Testing in Cosmetics
  • No More Hunting Animals
  • Humans And Animals Relationships
  • Where Are Women's Rights?
  • Symbolism in Animal Farm
  • Owning Exotic Animals, Is It Ethical?
  • We Need to Get Rid of Animal Testing
  • Animal Cruelty: Dog Fighting
  • Aboriginal Land Rights
  • Animal Hoarding
  • Animal Testing Is Wrong
  • Animals and Its Beneficial Uses to Man
  • Animals Take Over in Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • No-Kill Shelters Rehabilitation for Animals
  • Animal Dilemma
  • The Environment and Its Rights
  • Right to Counsel
  • Stop Animal Cruelty
  • Animal Testing - Necessary or Barbaric and Wrong? - Discursive Essay.
  • Poor Treatment of Circus Animals
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • Relationship between Animals and Humans
  • The Lowest Animal by Mark Twain
  • Animal Liberation
  • Animal Rights, Human Wrongs vs. The Damned Human Race
  • Animal Farm, 1984
  • Animal Testing is Wrong
  • Animal Testing Persuasive Essay
  • Adoption of Animals
  • Hero Of Animal Farm
  • The Necessities of Animal Experimentation
  • Animal Experimentation Pros and Cons
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • Should Animals Be Kept in the Zoo?
  • The Cons of Animal Testing
  • An Inside Look at Animal Experimentation
  • George Washington - the Right Leader at the Right Time
  • Animal Testing is Vital to Medical Advances
  • Argument for Stopping Animal Abuse
  • George Orwell's Animal Farm
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • Animal Testing
  • The Cruelty of Animal Testing
  • Animal Testing Ethics
  • Animal Testing is Wrong!
  • Animal Cruelty - Essay 7
  • Cosmetics Testing on Animals, Is It Necessary?
  • Killing an Animal for Clothing
  • Totalitarian Government in Animal Farm
  • Spay And Neuter your Animals
  • Marine Animals: The Manatee
  • Limitation on Animal Testing
  • Animals vs. Humans in Medical Experimentation
  • Animal Shelters and the No Kill Movement
  • Animal Testing Should Be Banned
  • Do Animals Have A Say?: Comparative Analysis of Animal Rights, Human Wrongs and Proud to be Speciecist
  • Do Animals Have Language?
  • Animals and Humans Are Not Equal
  • Genetic Engineering: Rights and Responsibilities
  • Property Rights and the Economic System
  • Animal Abuse
  • Analysis of Animal Treatment in Circus
  • Animal Cruelty on Factory Farms
  • Peter Singer's Views on the Killing of Animals
  • Animal Farm And The Russian Revolution
  • Euthanasia: Your Right
  • Essay on Animal Imagery in A Doll's House
  • The Ethics of Animal Use in Biomedical Research
  • The Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • The Controversy of Testing on Animals
  • Bill of Rights & Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen
  • A Brief History of Animal Abuse and Cruelty
  • Animal Testing and Researching
  • Animal Experimentation
  • Animal Testing
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • The Unethical Treatment of Animals
  • Animal Farm Research Paper
  • Plant And Animal Cells
  • Black Civil Rights and Feminist Rights
  • Serving the Public and the Animals
  • Gay Rights: Homosexuals Deserve the same Rights as Heterosexuals
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Animal Testing: a Cruel and Inhumane Way
  • Animal Testing: Pros and Cons
  • Women's Rights Are Human Rights by Hilary Clinton
  • Analysis on Gary Steiner´s Animal, Vegetable, Miserable
  • Should Animals Be Kept in Zoos?

Mike Otsuka (LSE) and friends have been collecting humorous titles of philosophy works. He gave me permission to share the project with Daily Nous readers. So, below is a list of titles selected from their collection, starting with a classic. Feel free to add more in the comments. 

Harry Frankfurt, “On Bullshit,” Raritan Quarterly Review (1986)

Susan Haack, “Is It True What They Say About Tarski?” Philosophy (1976)

Andy Egan and Adam Elga: “I Can’t Believe I’m Stupid,” Philosophical Perspectives (2005)

Hillel Steiner, ‘Can a Social Contract be Signed by an Invisible Hand?’ in Democracy, Consensus and Social Contract (Sage, 1978) [on part I of Anarchy, State and Utopia]

Hugh Lazenby, “One Kiss Too Many?” Journal of Political Philosophy (2010)

David Boonin, “Robbing PETA to Spay Paul: Do Animal Rights Include Reproductive Rights?” Between the Species, online edition, August 2003

Roger Higgs,”Mum’s the word: confidentiality and incest” Journal of Medical Ethics (1985)

Alastair Norcross, “Off Her Trolley? Frances Kamm and the Metaphysics of Morality”, Utilitas (2008).

Campbell Brown, “Better Never to Have Been Believed: Benatar on the Harm of Existence,” Economics and Philosophy (2011). [A critical notice of David Benetar’s Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence]

David Enoch, “Once You Start Using Slippery Slope Arguments, You’re on a Very Slippery Slope”, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (2001)

David Enoch, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If p, therefore p”, Utilitas (2009)

Neil Sinhababu, “Possible Girls,” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (2008)

Hilary Putnam, “It Ain’t Necessarily So”, Journal of Philosophy  (1962)

David Kaplan, “Transworld Heir Lines” in The Actual and the Possible (Cornell, 1967)

Peter Vallentyne, “Of mice and men: equality and animals”, Journal of Ethics (2005)

David Boonin, “A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing,” Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (1993) [on Susan Wolf’s ‘Moral Saints’]

Sebastian Köhler, “Do Expressivists Have an Attitude Problem?” Ethics (2013)

Peter Railton, “Locke, Stock, and Peril: Natural Property Rights, Pollution, and Risk,” in Facts, Values, and Norms (Cambridge, 1985)

Hilary Putnam, “A quick Read is a wrong Wright,” Analysis (1985) [a reply to Stephen Read and Crispin Wright]

Kent Bach, “The Emperor’s New ‘Knows’” in Contextualism in Philosophy (Oxford, 2005)

Kenneth Taylor, “Sex, Breakfast, and Descriptus Interruptus,” Synthese (2001)

Alan Hájek, “Waging War on Pascal’s Wager,” Philosophical Review (2003)

Jonathan Dancy, “Contemplating One’s Nagel,” [review of Nagel’s The View from Nowhere] Philosophical Books (1988)

Mark Hager, “Sex in the Original Position: A Restatement of Liberal Feminism,” Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal (1999)

Shlomi Segall, “If You’re a Luck Egalitarian, How Come You Read Bedtime Stories to Your Children?” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (2011)

Nathan Salmon, “A Millian Heir Rejects the Wages of Sinn” in Propositional Attitudes: The Role of Content in Logic, Language, and Mind (CSLI, 1990)

Peter Unger, “I Do Not Exist” in Perception and Identity (Cornell, 1979)

Stephen Gardiner, “Are We the Scum of the Earth? Climate Change, Geoengineering, and Humanity’s Challenge” in Ethical Adaptation to Climate Change (MIT, 2012)

George Sher, In Praise of Blame (Oxford, 2007)

David Benatar, “The Unbearable Lightness of Bringing into Being,” Journal of Applied Philosophy (1999)

Christopher Stone, “Should Trees Have Standing?” in Law, Morality, and the Environment (Oxford, 2010)

David Wasserman, “Let them Eat Chances: Probability and Distributive Justice,” Economics and Philosophy (1996)

Alan Hájek, “The Reference Class Problem is Your Problem Too,” Synthese (2007)

John Roberts, “Lewis, Carroll, and Seeing Through the Looking Glass,” American Journal of Philosophy 1998 [on Lewis and Carroll’s views on Humean Supervenience, arguing against the success of the ‘Mirror Argument’]

Gerald Lang and Rob Lawlor, “In Defense of Batman,” Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy (2013)

Hillel Steiner, “Silver spoons and golden genes: talent differentials and distributive justice” in The Moral and Political Status of Children (Oxford, 2002)

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