Year 11 Art Coursework

Year 11 are putting the final touches to their GCSE artwork submissions. An art exam will also be taken in May to go with the coursework.

Each student is given a choice for the main theme for their coursework. Lansdowne students are working on Music and Art, Abstract and Aboriginal Art.

It has been interesting to see how the students have taken these themes and adapted them. The Music and Art theme has led to artwork that shows how the pupils feel when they hear a piece of music.

The Abstract topic has created some unique thoughts. One painting has merged together the body parts of humans and animals.

One student has used the Aboriginal topic to create their own sign system. The Aboriginal method for communicating through art has been taken one step further to create a piece of dialogue.

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The Year 11 students are progressing well with their GCSE and GCSE Entry Level art coursework.

The Entry Level work has involved the pupils choosing a particular artist for their inspiration. Each artist has been researched with examples of their work produced in our coursework folders.

Different themes were then made available for the students to choose. These included landscapes and buildings, reflections and stone, metal and clay.

The coursework then requires each pupil to produce a piece of work based on this theme. Evidence of inspiration from our chosen artist also needs to be provided.

The Lansdowne pupils have created some original work. One student made a collection of pebbles by using clay and the school kiln. These are being painted in different colours. The end result will be an arrangement showing darkness and light.

Another pupil has been busy printing with ink. The landscapes and buildings topic has focussed on London and Paris. Popular tourist attractions have been printed using polly blocks.

A final Year 11 student has chosen movement as their main subject matter. A wire figure was made. This was then positioned to show various stages of movements. Some paintings of the action figure will follow.

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