No Homework Day Started

Homework in Waldorf Schools

Over the last decade or so homework has taken center stage in many child development debates and research projects. The increased scrutiny has even sparked a national “No Homework Day” which is celebrated today, May 6.

In a child’s early years, there is concern that homework will restrict a child’s active learning by limiting self-motivated play and socialization. It is during play that a child’s imagination blossoms and intuition is strengthened. Homework can restrict a child’s time to interact with friends and family thus affecting relationships. Less social time means less socialization, which can indeed interfere with a child’s overall development, for it is during these periods of interaction that a child learns impulse control, conflict management, and other basic social skills.

In Waldorf schools, homework does not usually begin until around grade four and even then the goal is not to have schoolwork at home but to have consequential experiences from what they learned in school. Waldorf teachers strive to ensure that homework has value for students’ overall well-being and is worthy of the child’s time. Sometimes the homework will include main lesson book illustrations, nightly reading, or practicing string instruments. It is vital that homework not interfere with a student’s down time – doing so could affect the child’s circadian rhythm, which regulates sleep patterns.

Homework in high school is a little different. A recent study by a Stanford researcher suggests that 10 minutes for every grade level is “acceptable” but anything more can be counterproductive. They found that the more homework a student is assigned the more stress, physical health problems, and alienation they feel. The amount of pressure associated with homework in high school makes it more likely that students will fore-go social activities and hobbies instead of cultivating the critical life skills that come from social interaction and self-reflection. They often feel pressured to choose between homework and other extracurricular activities. When homework interferes with sleep and deprivation occurs, headaches, stomach problems, and exhaustion can easily become issues. It was also determined that when sleep deprivation occurs, it is less likely that the lessons taught the following day will be understood and absorbed.

To top it all off, the research shows little correlation between homework and academic success! So if you needed a reason or two to justify “No Homework Day” there you have it!

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About No Homework Day

Is It No Homework Day Today?

It's No Homework day on the 6th of May.

No Homework Day' is by our calculation on: May the 6th. The first time we detected No Homework Day was the 5th of May 2015 and the most recent detection of references to No Homework Day was 1 year, 10 months ago.

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There were many celebrations relating to national holdiays written about on social media that our algorithms picked up, on the 6th of May. In total we detected 110 total unique days being shared such as Concert Day which had 9,191 people talking about it, or Nurses Day having 1,313 tweets. A random sample of which are shown below.

National days on the 6th of May

How Is The Date For No Homework Day Calculated?

The day shown for 'National No Homework Day' is based off how much chitter-chatter and buzz there was on May 6, 2015 across social media making references to 'No Homework Day'. Our algorithms examine all of the references to National Days across social media and updates hourly, with our homepage displaying the current national day, including others such as: Bike To School, Beverage or Crepe Suzette Day. This crowdsourcing of data method to assess the National No Homework Day date is used as opposed to being connected with any Government sacntioned lists :D Hurrah for democracy by concensus!

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Can I Register No Homework Day?

We don't have an international authority or governmental remit to declare any officially celebrated "national No Homework day". We only aim to programatically reflect what 'National Day' it is based of what The Internet Says It Is. We believe this is much more fun as it reflects the nature of how the most amusing / interesting national days are often created organically and grow based off popular social trends and sharing, as such we don't add new days to our database unless they are organically observed on social media.

Is it National No Homework Day Everywhere?

Yes? No.. Sort of | Maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What's really intersting is how whilst some National Days like National Daughters Day are seemingly celebrated internationally irrespective of geography, some very popular days (That often become the No. 1 National Day on our homepage) are in fact locally very specific and are offical holidays celebrated on a Country's national calendar. Take National Rambutan Day for instance, Rambutan is a popular Souteast Asian fruit and not seen so much in the UK, Europe or the USA. Some regionally specific trends subsequently become immensely popular internationally and worldwide, partly fuelled by widely shared 'National Days', National Pabebe Wave Day being one such example.

Hang On, It Was National No Homework Day Already This Year..!?

Yes, this is strangely enough entirely possible. The date shown for National No Homework Day can change, if for instance several hundred people tweeted about No Homework Day in early April, then in May a few thousand people tweeted about No Homework day, then the date shown for National No Homework Day, could come up twice :D

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